Gas by the ft³

At Cozmo Adventures, when you purchase by the cubic foot, you only pay for the gas that you use. All the leftover gas in your tank is still yours!*

Gas  Price ($)
Air 0.12
Nitrox 0.23
Oxygen 0.75
Helium 2.50
Argon 0.80


We'll handle the math when you come in with your tank, but if you would like to practice your skills you can follow along with an outline of how to calculate your aproximate cost.**

How to calculate how much you will use:


  1. 1. Find the maximum volume and pressure your tank is rated.
    •  ● For standard scuba tanks, volume usually around 60, 80, 100, or 120 cubic feet.
    •  ● Pressure is usually around 2800-3600 psi
  2. 2. Calculate the "ratio of psi/cuft":
    •  ● Divide the maximum volume by the maximum psi.
    •  ● You should get a very small number, less than 1.
    • ex) 100 cuft tank ÷  3600 psi = 0.027777777777778 ratio
  3. 3. Measure current pressure in tank.
    • ex) Same tank, safely used in thirds has 1200 psi left over.
  4. 4. Subtract the maximum pressure by the current pressure, write this as the "added pressure".
    • ex) 3600 maximum psi - 1200 psi left over = 2400 psi added pressure.
  5. 5. Multiply the added pressure by the ratio you calculated in step two.
    •  ● This is the number of cubic feet you need to fill up your tank.
    • ex) 2400 added psi x 0.002808988764 ratio = 66.7 cuft added.
  6. 6. Multiply this volume by the price of the gas you would like your tank filled with. You should be left with the cost for you to fill your tank with the chosen gas.
    • ex) 66.7 cuft x cost of air ($0.12/cuft) = $8.00

Gas by the cuft encourages safe diving and gas conservation.

Many shops have a standard, one size fits all, price for gas fills. This practice incentivises divers, especially new ones, to drain their tanks because they feel like they need to get their monies worth out of it. It is like going to a buffet trying to get more value than the cost of admission. 

At Cozmo Adventures, we encourage people to dive safely! The gas by the cuft practice does this by removing the 'drain the tank' mentality. Crediting your reserve in the tank means that you can fill up more frequently as-needed so that you always have the maximum (safe) bottom time possible without feeling like you have missed out on some of the utility of the gas you already had in your tank. 


*Does not consider special circumstances of gas mixing where a tank may need to be drained in order to get to prefered concentrations. 

**Worked example is an estimate, not a gaurentee. Prices are subject to change, without notice, at the discretion of Cozmo Adventures.